Flick Race
[Work in progress]

Action-packed dexterity racing game for all ages.

Role Game Designer
Date Work In Progress
Collaborators Simon Konski
Category Board game

Flick Race was selected for showcasing at Fastaval 2019

Mix MarioKart with Flick ‘Em Up, Crocket and add a dash of Micro Machines and you got Flick Race.

In Flick Race you build your own unique race track through your own living room and race your friends and family. You drive your car by flicking it around the track. During the race you can collect up to 20 different powerups. The Powerups gives you abilities to boost your car, shoot rockets, send streakers onto the track to annoy your opponents, place dynamite, create tornadoes and much more.

First player to pass the finish line wins!

Circular track played at Fastaval 2019. Here a player is about to cross the last gate before the finish line. The game is getting tense now.

A streaker and dynamite blocking a gate. Gameplay from Fastaval 2019.

Flick Race is still under development and might be published in 2021.